How to Make the Dawn Landes and Piers Faccini Show at Pekoe Even More Amazing

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As we all know, Dawn Landes and Piers Faccini will be coming to do a show at Pekoe on March 1st! You can get tickets here!  It’s going to be a great evening. And some of Pekoe’s friends are doing a lot to help make it an even better evening. […]


Reiki Certification with Ashley Greenfield

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Reiki I Certification with Ashley Greenfield March 7-8, 2015  Saturday March 7th, 1 – 4 pm     Sunday March 8th, 1 – 4 pm   Reiki (ray-key) is a Japanese energy practice that has gained popularity in the west for its healing and restorative qualities. It is used to aid in emotional and physical […]


Your Grandma Was RIGHT: Reasons to Stay Bundled Up Until Spring

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We’ve all seen the woman wearing the sleeveless dress outside of the club in 30 degree weather. We’ve all seen the woman running out of her apartment with her hair still wet in February. To be honest, some of us have been that girl at one point or another. We […]


Q and A with Noah Samuels: Acupuncturist and Practitioner of Functional Medicine

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  It seems that if you say that you are an acupuncturist, then you are underselling what your service actually is. I’ve been looking at your bio, and you do a lot of other things. I do acupuncture, Chinese Medicine, and use Chinese herbs with my patients, but I also […]


Dawn Landes and Piers Faccini Are Coming to Pekoe!

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I know!!!! Dawn and Piers are doing an East Coast tour, and they decided to play a few intimate living room gigs, and while technically our downstairs Yoga Wall room isn’t a living room, it’s still pretty intimate, and they’re playing here! The performance happens Sunday, March 1st at 8 […]


Let’s Talk About Vaccines

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We completely understand why people treat enormous pharmaceutical companies with suspicion. We aren’t exactly fans ourselves. It’s impossible to count the number of pharmaceutical ads that we’ve seen, most of which involve a pill that does something vague for a condition that’s even vaguer, followed by a recitation of disturbing […]


Meet Your Practitioners: Q and A With Amy Flynt, LMT

January 13, 2015 3:45 pm / Uncategorized / 13 comments

Pekoe Wellness: How long have you been a massage therapist? Amy Flynt: 13 years! It will be 14 years in June. PW: Tell me about your training? AF: My initial training was at AKS Massage School in Herndon. While I was in massage school I also worked part time in […]


Ask Pekoe: Why Do I Sometimes Feel Crappy After My Treatment?

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So you came into Pekoe, and you got yourself a massage, or you got yourself an acupuncture session, which are things that are meant to help you. So why do you feel nauseous? Why do you ache? Isn’t the purpose of treatment to get rid of all that stuff in […]


Mayor Gray Attends Great Streets Ribbon Cutting at Pekoe

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In April of 2014, Pekoe Wellness received an $85,000 grant from DC’s Great Streets program to help pay for improvements to the premises. On Monday, January 4, DC Mayor Vincent Gray dropped by for an official ribbon cutting, and to see how those improvements have been implemented. In keeping with […]


It’s Cold. Let’s Look After One Another.

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It is cold. Cold to the point of being completely ridiculous. And we would like to point out that there are quite a few of us out there who do not have a place to stay tonight.  While homelessness is always a serious concern, it certainly becomes even more so […]