How to Deal with Seasonal Allergies

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by Noah Samuels, L.Ac, Dipl. OM, MTOM In the spring and the fall seasonal allergies tend to come on strong for many people. If you’re one of the unlucky ones, you may be suffering from allergies all year long. Hay fever, aka allergic rhinitis, is an allergic reaction to proteins in […]


From Humanitarian to Healer: A Journey in Cultivating Peace

August 11, 2014 2:34 am / Blog, conflict, trauma / 1,288 comments

by Liana Brooks-Rubin, Acupuncturist, Herbalist and Yoga Teacher with Pekoe It feels like a lifetime ago that I showed up for work every day at the State Department’s Bureau of Population, Refugees, and Migration where I worked alongside a group of dedicated professionals with big hearts, committed day in and […]


Healthy Happy Hour: The Skinny on Sugar

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Date: Thursday July 31st Time: 6-7:30 pm Investment: $25.00 with Dahlia Shaaban, CHHC, RYT Sugar is perhaps one of the most pervasive and compacted concerns in nutrition and public health.  From a young age, we have been conditioned to associate sugar with reward for being good, a pattern that can […]


Gluten Intolerance IS NOT in Your Head.

by Dahlia Shaaban, Nutrition Coach By now you’ve probably heard about gluten and why many folks are avoiding it these days.  The diet trend has increasingly become mainstream.  Perhaps you or someone you know has even explored going gluten free. And with good reason.  Sensitivity to gluten, the protein found […]


Infused Water – The Healing Hydration

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Infused Water ~ The Healing Hydration Water is a Life Force but it’s not always tasty to some of us. Combining herbs and fruits will add that needed taste and, incredibly, some healing powers in your water! Simple and amazing for your Bodymindspirit. Let’s talk about Water Here is where […]


Words Create

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by Dalila Adams Life Coach, Energy Healer & Meditation Teacher       Becoming aware of the words you use and realizing the power of words can be a life transforming adventure.   Here’s one example of how profoundly effective words can be: “Years ago I met a lady in a class […]


What Paleo Got Right: Ancestral Nutritional Wisdom for Modern Times

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Date: Thursday June 26th Time: 6 p.m. – 7:30 p.m. Investment: $25   The increasingly trendy Paleo Diet has received mixed reviews in the healthcare community, and with good reason.  The notion that one archetypal paleolithic diet can universally meet our needs is inherently problematic.  There is much more to […]


Neti & Nasya: Old-Timey Sinus Relief for Allergy Season

May 5, 2014 5:49 pm / Blog / no comments

by Dahlia Shaaban In recent years, the neti pot – a device used in Ayurvedic medicine to manually irrigate the sinus cavities – has become increasingly become popular in alternative health circles.  Even touted on Oprah, the neti pot is shown to be be effective in relieving chronic sinus issues, […]


Energy: A Journey to Our Core.

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by Ashley Greenfield, Licensed Massage Therapist and Energy Healer with Pekoe ‘There is a connecting force between everything.  A spark that was present before time and will remain until time immemorial.’ All of our classes begin with the same question, and whether we are sitting with an audience of doctors, […]


HHH: The Yoga of Food

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Date:  Thursday May 1st Time: 7-8:30 Investment: $25 Many yogis first come into their practice because yoga is so personal and honors the unique bioindividuality of the practitioner in pursuing balance.  However many of us find the idea of finding balance through nutrition so elusive. We’re so inundated with conflicting […]