Our classes and workshops are small, semi-private, and intimate.
You must preregister for all offerings, as walk ins are generally not available due to limited class size.
Call if you wish to register last minute!

Sacred SundaysMoonlight Beauty

with Eboné McCloud
9/18, 10/2 : 5pm – 7pm
Cost $10

Sacred Sundays is a space for women to connect with one another through meditation and conversation. The purpose is to assist ladies on their self-care journey and to create a safe atmosphere for discussions and individual and collective transitions.

Enjoy a guided meditation, self-care activities, connection, and open dialogue all while sipping some all natural, hand blended tea from Good Thoughts Tea Co. It is a safe space where the words, journeys, and stories of every woman is kept right there in the room.

Meeting twice a month (around the new + full moon), we will explore specified topics and activities based on the women involved during each session.

All seating materials are included. Please wear comfortable clothing and come prepared to receive great energy.

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Exploring the Chakras:Chakra Yoga Fine Art
Rebalancing through Yoga & Meditation

with Rebecca DiMidio
Mondays and Thursdays 7:30pm – 8:45pm
Cost: $20

Chakras, meaning “wheel” or “circle”, are the spiritual energy centers within the body. There are 7 major Chakras along the Axial Channel, approximately where the spine is located. Starting from tailbone to the crown of the head, each Chakra deals with a different part of the body, organ, emotion, and a certain earthly element. Chakras can also be blocked, being too low or too high functioning. This is why it is always a good practice to re-balance and realign the Chakras.

This series will help you do just that by practicing certain yoga positions along with certain meditation mantras to bring Mindfulness to each Chakra.

Starting July 11th and ending August 25th (every Monday and Thursday), we will focus on one Chakra per week. We will travel through the entire system beginning with the Root (Muladhara) and ending at the Crown (Sahasrara). Prepare to feel cleansed, rejuvenated, and balanced. Can’t make it to class either of those days? Don’t worry! You can just pick up where you left off or begin at a different Chakra.

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rebecca monkey webYoga Nidra

with Rebecca DiMidio
Wednesdays: 7:30pm-8:30pm
Cost: $20

Yoga Nidra, meaning Yogic sleep, is one of the deepest forms of meditation, leading awareness to a state of profound stillness and insight. Come relax without effort, quiet the monkey chatter, and feel full of ease as you sink into a blissful consciousness!

Wear comfortable clothing, all levels encouraged!
Mats, bolsters, and blankets will be provided.

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rope wallYoga Rope Wall

with Megan Davis
Tuesdays: Resumes September 13th! 6:30-7:45
Cost: $20

Rope walls are beneficial for all levels of practitioners, from beginners to advanced, and can also provide amazing support for people who are working with injuries.

This class is open to students who have already become acquainted with the yoga wall and would like to learn more.  All levels welcome and variations will be offered for all postures.

The wall helps you lengthen your spine and decompress your joints, and it allows you to increase strength by working with gravity and your body weight in new ways.

For the more intermediate/advanced practitioner, a yoga wall can really help you with your inversions.  By allowing you to be inverted with full support, the wall will help you get more comfortable going and being upside down which can help practitioners move more confidently into unsupported inversions.

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Therapeutic YogaYoga Dog

with Megan Davis
Saturdays (Fall Dates TBA) 
Cost: $20

This class is designed for those who have physical conditions (i.e. serious spinal problems, arthritis, heart problems, chronic and acute injuries, prosthetic limbs, etc.) and also for those who may need more individualized attention. This class moves at a slower pace to optimize the potential for healing and improvement. Modifications for all poses will be offered for each student’s needs and abilities.

Mantra Meditationsmelanie sunflowers

Sunday (Fall Dates TBA): 6pm-8pm
Cost: $25
Space is limited to Six Attendees, Please Pre-Register to secure your spot!
Award-winning singer/songwriter and musical therapist, Melanie Edwards,
is excited to announce the premier of
Melanie Edwards Laboratories – Music Therapy Workshops at Pekoe!
This workshop that focuses on movement, mantras and guided meditation.  The classes begin with light movement and yoga postures, followed by chanting as a meditative practice. Wear comfortable, yoga type clothing. Mats provided.

No prerequisite skills to enroll, all are welcome to partake or just observe in a sacred space.