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We’re tickled to now have on board Noah Samuels, L.Ac, Dipl. OM.  On top of being an impressively experienced acupuncturist and herbalist, Noah also offers Integrative Health Consultations and Functional Medicine Lab Testing. I’m delighted to have his energy and these options available to you to not only test for imbalances in digestive function, hormones, allergies, detoxification ability, (and more), but then to have the resource of an experienced alternative therapist explaining what is going on and advise you on how to improve your symptoms naturally.

Looking to boost your fall into transition efforts?  Reiki Energy work can be a great way to unblock stagnant energy and relax your heart.Thai Yoga Therapy can help you let go, as you relinquish yourself to your therapist as they assist your limp body in deep yogic stretches. 

Or, try one of our Ayurvedic treatments: Whitney uses warm oils to help improve circulation, remove toxins, and calm the immunity with an Abhyanga massage. Select an Udwartana herbalized treatment for weight reduction, helping reduce blood cholesterol, and refresh the skin, or a brushing Garshana to improve arterial circulation, alkalize the blood, and stimulate lymphatic circulation.  Or pass out in blissful dream land with a Shirodhara… a warm oil stream over the  Third Eye. Need I say more?

Want to get even more in the atmosphere?  Try a Transformational Coaching session with John, who will take you away through guided meditation and visualization, and open you up to your full potential in HAPPINESS.  John does some powerful, deep work here.  Not to be taken lightly if you’re not ready to peel back some layers.

With that being said, take advantage of our some of our upcoming classes and workshops!

  • Space is limited, and filling fast for the 14-day Fall Detox starting September 17th
  • And back by popular demand, Group Rohun, October 13th
  • Yoga Classes!!  Megan is BACK, and speaking of:  Yoga for a Healthy Back, as well a lunchtime gentle yoga class will resume Wednesdays
  • Dahlia is bringing back her fantastic and feminine Sunday class
  • Don’t forget to STOP AND BREATHE, sit with us during Tuesday evening meditation, or express lunchtime meditation on Thursdays.

Please register online for classes, workshops, and services so we know to expect you!  If you’re expected after hours (6pm) or on weekends, please refer to the confirmation email on directions on how to access the space. You may have to show your ID and/or sign in even if your appointment is during business hours, so please be patient.

Also, please like us on Facebook for updates, health tips, and other nifty tidbits. As you may have noticed there’s a lot going on lately, and we would like to keep you in the loop!

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