Energy: A Journey to Our Core.

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by Ashley Greenfield, Licensed Massage Therapist and Energy Healer with Pekoe


‘There is a connecting force between everything.  A spark that was present before time and will remain until time immemorial.’

All of our classes begin with the same question, and whether we are sitting with an audience of doctors, nurses, body workers, or yogis, it creates the same stir.

“Why are you here?”

Most have a basic story, but deeper than that they often say they felt an unexplainable nudge. To those people (and anyone else), I offer this idea, which I believe is embedded in parable with Jesus, enshrined in the Himalayas with Buddha, amidst the natives in every culture, and residing in modern aspects of Quantum Physics. “There is a connecting force between everything.  A spark that was present before time and will remain until time immemorial.”

The law of conservation of energy states that “energy can not be created or destroyed, it can only be changed from one form to another.”  In energy medicine something similar is believed.

Everything is energy, and humans are that energy in constant flux (energy in motion, e-motion).  Always desiring to touch and collide with one another to provoke more movement within themselves. Innately we understand that stagnancy does not bring evolution. Nothing can stay in the same state and grow.  Therefore, when we feel stuck it brings the greatest discomfort.

One of my teachers, Dr. Lewis Mehl Medrona, author of Narrative Medicine, often says that humans are all made up of stories.  Experiences from our past, things said or unsaid, emotions expressed or turned aside.

These experiences when felt and allowed to move, encourage us to love, grow, evolve; they bring inspiration and ease into our lives.

If not allowed movement, they can pollute our minds and bodies, filling us with regret, fear, envy, and finally physical ailments; the creation of dis-ease.

In that sense, it is not bad experiences that bring disease but the non-movement (not to be confused with stillness) of those experiences.

As our students work with each other, learning how we see the human body as practitioners of energetic bodywork, they begin to recognize how these ‘false’ stories enter the body, and when not allowed to move, interrupt the flow, creating a path of misinformation. Moving from the mental, to emotional and physical bodies.  They are taught that as practitioners it is our role to hold awareness and allow the healing to take place.

I always say that the person on the table has come as much for your healing as their own. Whatever you help move within them, you honor yourself with moving inside as well.

We are all connected, rooted from the same spark. Hoping for the one thing that we came from, but fear can make us believe we are incapable of having. Pure Love.

So, in case the question, “Why am I here?” ever arises for you again, or perhaps you end up in one of my bodywork classes. I’ll give you the universal answer.

“I don’t know.”

Yes, exactly.

The answer is, you are here, on the journey, to find why you are here. Your body, mind, and spirit, were made to explore.  You are built to be energy in motion. Connecting, moving, feeling and healing with others so that you will know more about yourself than when you arrived.

Every path is one to self-realization.

A journey back to your core.

Ashley Greenfield, LMT, NCTMB is a licensed massage therapist in Washington, DC, as well as an energetic bodywork teacher.  She teaches trainings throughout the area and has been fortunate enough to work with doctors and nurses at the National Institute of Health (NIH) as well as Children’s Hospital, providing energetic healing alternatives to their practices.


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