Biomat Therapy (15 – 50 minutes/ $20 – $50) The Biomat is an FDA licensed medical device which lays on top of each of our treatment tables like a heating pad, and is in use during your treatments! This device combines high quality amethyst stones with the deeply relaxing component of negative ions, making the far-infrared treatment a trilogy of unique healing power with many benefits beyond a typical far infrared sauna. The negative ions generated by the Biomat stimulate serotonin and enter the body through conduction.  If we have available space, you can book extra time before your treatment for extra deep relaxation or after your session for a quick nap, or just book the room and enjoy a Biomat nap on it’s own!



Cupping (15 minutes/ $45) Acupuncturists may add cupping onto your service to enhance your acupuncture treatment, dispel cold or flu, relieve tightness in the shoulders and back, or accelerate lymph detox. 


Steam Shower! (30 minutes/ $30 stand alone; $20 add-on) Before or after your treatment enjoy a hot steam (approx 120 degrees) followed by a rinse in our glorious multi-head rain shower. Great way to enhance any massage! Towels, robes, hair wraps & slippers provided.
Shampoo & Conditioner, Hair Dryer, Lotion, & Q-Tips also provided. (Of course Q-Tips. We're not animals.)