Let Off Some STEAM!


Now is time to get excited. Holy moly, Pekoe has a STEAM SHOWER!!

I had been interested in building a sauna or steam room since we moved to Shaw. We had this really shoddy bathroom downstairs where the vanity wasn’t even attached to the wall, the toilet rocked on top of a large bead of beeswax, and we definitely had enough space to install a shower. We found these magical Biomats that everyone has been talking about, so we didn’t need a sauna any more, and my gym membership at VIDA cinched the decision that I wanted a steam shower. (I build my schedule some days when I work out around using that gosh darned steam room!)

Our lower level bathroom was a large, vastly wasted use of space that Rob Anderson took on from start to glorious finish. We are so pleased with the new addition, and can’t wait to see how it makes your fall and winter cozier.