Postnatal Services at Pekoe

August 18, 2015 at 10:43 pm / by admin

Here’s what we know about childbirth: It hurts.

We can say that with some certainty, as many of your practitioners here at Pekoe have given birth. Some of us have done so on more than one occasion.

Yes, it’s amazing. Yes, you are loaded with hormones that initially distract you from the pain, and many of you might have even had an epidural, which made the experience a lot less painful than it might have been, but at the end of the day, you just brought a living being out of your body and into the world, and that is not something that happens without a twinge here or there.

It hurts to sit, particularly if you had an episiotomy. It hurts to walk. And if you have quite wisely decided to breast feed your baby, that hurts as well. Your legs probably hurt. Your lower back hurts. Your nipples and breasts hurt. Plus you probably aren’t sleeping much, what with your baby needing to be fed every two hours.

This is simultaneously the greatest and most physically painful event that has ever happened to you. So aside from chugging Advil and lying around on your back, is there anything that you can do to speed up the healing process?

Yes, there absolutely is.

Acupuncture and Chinese herbs will help. So will massage. You can choose one or the other or all of them together, and this will help you recover faster and just plain feel better.

Acupuncture and Chinese Herbs

When a woman gives birth, she uses an incredible amount of energy. So much so that the average recovery period is around 6 weeks. It might be longer if she went into the pregnancy deficient, or had a great deal of morning sickness. Acupuncture and Chinese herbs can help get your natural healing energy back into gear. They can help with aches, realigning the digestive system, ease that sense of heaviness in your hands and feet, that overall sense of fatigue, increase blood flow to help reduce swelling and heal injury, and they can help with speeding up and stabilizing your lactation process. Oh, and you get to be alone and rest in blissful quiet.


Aside from the obvious and immediate benefit of massage (it feels amazing,) postpartum massage will relax your muscles, alleviate your stress levels, increase and improve your blood circulation, and increase prolactin and oxytocin levels, which also helps stimulate and improve breastfeeding. We also highly recommend baby massage (coming soon to Pekoe!) to help fussy babies, sleep, colic symptoms, bonding, and general well-being. Manisha Tare at Falling Leaf Wellness does a great job of teaching parents how to do baby massage and also offers Mommy and Me yoga classes!

We want you to be at your best when you are caring for your new arrival, and that means we want you to help your body recover from the enormous physical expenditure that is giving birth. Come see us as soon as you can. You’ll feel the difference immediately.