Master Metaphysician, John Villalobos, visits Pekoe!

We are super excited to host one of our original Pekoe dream team while he is back in DC for a spell! Some of you long-timers might even remember the last time he was in town and lead a (quite popular!) evening of salsa dancing and lessons! Along with being fun and charismatic, he is an incredible healer, and his work is deep and altering. Please enjoy….

John C. Villalobos is a Ph.D candidate for Integrative and Preventative Healing at Delphi University. He specializes in RoHun Transformation Therapy, and is a Certified Master Metaphysician and Inner Sanctuary Meditation Instructor. With over 13 years experience in the field of holistic health, John's passion is to guide clients to heal the emotional/spiritual root causes of pain and dis-ease, while assisting them in expanding into higher states of consciousness and love. John's other passion is music; he plays pre-World War II country blues guitar.

John is visiting Pekoe for the month of October before heading back to his home in Ecuador, where he hosts retreats for those ready for intense inner transformation and healing. Book online to experience his powerful energy work!

RoHun Transformation Therapy (2.5 hours):

An effective and rapid-acting spiritual psychotherapy that incorporates guided visualization and energy healing techniques to heal deep, emotional wounds and shadows. This process of inner transformation uses the power of understanding, love, and forgiveness to create the shifts necessary for letting go of the past, clearing negative thoughts and emotions, and connecting to your inner power so you can bring more joy and fulfilling relationships into your life.

Kundalini Energization (60 Min):

In this energy healing session, John activates your kundalini energy and draws it up through the chakras to awaken higher energy centers and open your intuitive vision, evoking a mystical experience in which a sacred connection is made between you and Spirit.

If you would like to experience both for a discount, we recommend you start with a RoHun session, then a week+ later experience Energization.