The weather turns, the winds pick up, and someone close to you sneezes. An ominous shudder comes over you: Is this the cold that will do you in this fall?This page will cover some resources to help you keep on top of how to stay ahead of the ick or shorten the duration of a current bug. Fall and winter don’t have to be horrible… don’t let yourself get run down, and if you do, you can turn it around! Keep up with your regular acupuncture treatments, and help yourself to some home care.

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Ayurvedic Secrets for the Autumn Blues

Seasonal Affective Disorder (S.A.D.) affects many of us and causes us to dread the onset of autumn and winter. S.A.D. is believed to be caused by changes in light, more specifically a lack of light. But to really solve the puzzle of how to not dread the change of season, we must first recognize it’s not just about the dark! Ayurveda points to many other factors that are in play this time of year that affect mood and by understanding and addressing them we can make friends with this season.

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Leah is a graduate of the California College of Ayurveda. She lives in Washington, DC where she is a mother of two and a yoga teacher.  She did her undergraduate work at Kenyon College in Ohio and directed and taught a K-3 art program in DC after graduation and before having children.  She has been studying yoga since 1992 and has been lucky enough to study extensively with many preeminent yoga scholars and teachers...

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Remember that 5 minute middle school science lesson— the one where you learned about the three body types: Ectomorph (the slight frame), mesomorph (the moderate frame), and endomorph (the larger, stockier frame)?  While we may be taught a vague notion of different body types in grade school, we are generally not taught about how important this knowledge is for our health.  Instead, we are conditioned to aspire to be somewhere on the ectomorph to mesomorph spectrum regardless of our natural type.

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Ayurveda is a comprehensive discipline that encompasses nutrition and offers life-long principles of healthy eating practices

Our bodies are perfectly evolved to reap the abundant offerings of nature. The six tastes found in food — sweet, sour, salty, astringent, bitter, and pungent — reflect the broad spectrum of what nature is offering, and taste itself reflects the intrinsic intelligence in the body’s capacity to gravitate to the food it needs.

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What inspired you to become a massage therapist?

I started with energy work, Reiki, in Quantico.  I met a lot of military families and discovered touch is a key component to healing.  Especially the women who were staying at home taking care of their families needed a hug or touch to know that someone was there.  With Reiki there is little to no touch and I wanted to be able to touch.  I completed a massage training which created balance in my life and taught me healing on physical and spiritual levels.

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