Hey - We Know a Little About the Vagus Nerve Too!

June 16, 2015 at 10:34 pm / by admin

Do you know what the Vagus nerve is? Probably not, and that’s ok.

It’s the longest cranial nerve in the body, traveling down from the brain stem into the abdomen. It handles a ton of those involuntary functions that your body needs to do without thinking about. (Breathing, your heart beating, digesting food, etc.) It’s incredibly important, and touches pretty much every major system in your body.

So of course modern medicine is doing its best to monkey around with it.

There was an article in Wired recently that detailed (in a pretty jabbering nerdy manner) all of the plans that are being put in place and on their way to being approved by the FDA, including:

  • Various Implants that trigger electrical signals to the Vagus nerve, which in one case might help with epilepsy, and in another might help with…um…depression. I mean, we know it isn’t actually shock treatment, but are they or are they not zapping people with electricity to help with perceived mental illness?
  • More implants that apparently block the impulse to eat, which could help people suffering from obesity! Diet and exercise are so stone aged!
  • Treating headaches, not with implants but with electrical stimulation of the Vagus nerve! Again with the electricity!

Look, far be it from us to stand in the way of modern medicine. We’re big fans. But we know what the Vagus nerve is too. It’s actually a big part of how we treat our clients. We can treat depression and headaches, and we can do it without using surgical implants or electric shocks. We can help with obesity, too.

We would urge you to consider coming to us if you are having problems that you can’t get sorted. Give our acupuncture treatment a try, or come talk to our functional medicine specialists. You’d be amazed at what can be handled without the use of devices or invasive surgeries.