Our classes and workshops are small, semi-private, and intimate.
You must preregister for all offerings, as walk ins are generally not available due to limited class size.
Payment for class will be collected upon check in.
Call if you wish to register last minute!

Rope Wall Workshop: Pelvic Empowerment

with Megan Davis
Sunday, July 30th:
Cost: $30
This workshop is limited to 4 participants

During this workshop we will be using the wall and a myriad of toys to increase extension in all the right places to make space (also in all the right places). This workshop is intended for practitioners with some yoga experience (yoga wall experience a plus but not necessary). People with injuries are welcome and modifications will be given throughout the sequence.

If you are a regular in the rope wall classes, we will do some new tricks and, if appropriate, do more advanced variations.

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Muscle Testing 101

with Dr. Robert Ciprian
Sunday, August 13th: 10am – 5pm

Cost: $200

Imagine being able to ask a client’s body what they need to get better and getting an instant response! Or wouldn’t it be amazing if you could know exactly what you had to do to improve any area of your life? When I started medical school I learned a method that used the muscles of the body to see what would improve someone’s health. This same tool can also show you what may be causing their problems. Since then I based my whole career on “muscle testing”.

I learned how to muscle test back in 1996. It was a life changing experience for me. I practiced it, pondered it, challenged it, and realized that it is an invaluable tool for my career of working with patients. I also realized what it could do for my personal life. It is something that I have been using every day for two decades.

In this class I will go over what muscle testing is, how it works, and how to use it for many different things in life. There will be several hands on workshops for you to physically learn how to muscle test as well as lecture so you can understand it. You will also be given exercises to help you become more proficient at muscle testing as time goes on.

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rope wallYoga Rope Wall

with Megan Davis
Tuesdays / Thursdays: 7:30-8:45pm
Cost: $20

Rope walls are beneficial for all levels of practitioners, from beginners to advanced, and can also provide amazing support for people who are working with injuries.

This class is open to students who have already become acquainted with the yoga wall and would like to learn more.  All levels welcome and variations will be offered for all postures.

The wall helps you lengthen your spine and decompress your joints, and it allows you to increase strength by working with gravity and your body weight in new ways.

For the more intermediate/advanced practitioner, a yoga wall can really help you with your inversions.  By allowing you to be inverted with full support, the wall will help you get more comfortable going and being upside down which can help practitioners move more confidently into unsupported inversions.

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