Photo by Liz Calka

Photo by Liz Calka


Reiki Master, Psychic Reiki, Tarot, Breathwork, Akashic Records, Yoga, Prenatal Yoga


Jessica is a Reiki Master, has over 500 hours in yoga teacher training (you can practice with her at Embrace Yoga DC, Bhakti Yoga DC, and The Yoga Shala), including an 85-hour prenatal training for all the beautiful mamas-to-be, is certified in the Akashic Records, is a breathwork facilitator, and is a reader of the Tarot.

Never really having had much experience with Reiki, it was an inner voice that urged Jessica to sign up for Level I. As soon as her training began, she could feel energy vibrations moving through her body and out her hands and she knew that she was meant to do healing work.

During your session, Jessica hopes to aide and inspire you to be your brightest self, sharing light, energy, love, and the occasional psychic vision. No matter the medium, she shares her healing touch and her naturally calming, soothing presence in order to help bring a softness to her time with you—providing a supportive, nurturing environment that allows you to relax into your body and release stress, anxiety, fears, and distortions that block us from finding the harmony that we seek in our everyday lives. Jessica integrates crystals, tapping and breathing techniques, as well as light bodywork into her treatments, depending on what feels appropriate at the time.

Jessica finds constant inspiration from the ocean and the moon, and makes sure to retreat into nature often to recharge her energy and reconnect with herself outside the urban jungle.