Pekoe Wellness has been carrying NuLeaf Naturals CBD Oil, and we are now offering this as an add-on with your massage!

NuLeaf Naturals CBD oil is legal and non-psychoactive, organic, full spectrum, and CO2 extracted in a hemp oil carrier. This brand has no additives or preservatives, and is verified by a third party. Add on to your massage for an enhanced treatment, and an extra level of relaxation.

Your enhanced massage offerings can be decided during a discussion with your therapist:
Full Body: $45. We use 50mg CBD oil per ounce of massage oil or lotion, and your therapist uses as much product as your body needs.
Spot Treatment: $25. We use a single dose of 25mg for one specified area of your choice (feet, shoulders, low back, knees, neck), and then treat the rest of the body while that area takes in the oil.
Full Body plus Spot Treatment: $65. If you have that one trouble area, but still want the full body CBD oil treatment!

Follow this link for online booking, book a massage and comment in the “notes” section that you would like the CBD add on. Treat yourself to this delightful new offering!


What does CBD Oil help with? It does have anti-inflammatory effects, is soothing, and is an excellent skin conditioner. Internally it can be useful for anxiety, inflammation, nervous system balance, sleep, appetite, stress response, and pain.

Is there THC in CBD oil? While this is a full spectrum CBD oil with trace amounts of THC (1.91mg/ml), the product is legal and will not show up on a drug urine screening, and you can travel with it!

Will I feel altered or “high” from a CBD oil massage? I mean, you would have to get 14 CBD enhanced massages in one day to amount to one marijuana cigarette… being rubbed all over you. We just don’t have the staff to accommodate those types of shenanigans. Or, you could ingest 28 doses of CBD oil to get the equivalent of that (also not recommended). A CBD oil massage is relaxing, but you will not feel drugged in the concentration that we use.

Do you sell CBD oil for home use? Yes! In our office we carry five sizes of NuLeaf Naturals CBD Oil. The three smallest sizes are also available for Pets! (They’re all usable for pets, it’s the same formula, but the dosage recommendations on the bottle are different.) Price breaks as volume increases, so if you are fond of the product I recommend buying a larger bottle! They are in light defense glass to lengthen the durability and potency of the CBD oil, and no, I don’t know how long they last. I’ve never had one sit around.

240mg (5ml/ 10 doses): $38.50
725mg (15ml/ 30 doses): $99
1450mg (30ml/ 60 doses): $179
2425mg (50ml/ 100 doses): $239
4850mg (100ml/ 200 doses): $439

*Potency: 55mg CBD, 1.9mg THC / mL
We offer a 5% discount on CBD oil purchases to active military, veterans, teachers (k-12), sanitation workers, and first responders.