Therapeutic Yoga

with Megan Davis

Intrigued by the rope wall and the opportunity to court gravity and free up your spine? Thought you might be.

Yoga walls (also called rope walls) are beneficial for all levels of practitioners, from beginners to advanced, and can also provide amazing support for people who are working with injuries.  First, the wall helps you lengthen your spine and decompress your joints.  Second, it allows you to increase strength by working with gravity and your body weight in new ways.  And for the more intermediate/advanced practitioner, a yoga wall can really help you with your inversions.  By allowing you to be inverted with full support, the wall will help you get more comfortable going and being upside down which can help practitioners move more confidently into unsupported inversions.

Megan offers two weekly Yoga Wall class for those who are familiar with the wall (though all levels are welcome!). She also offers private and semi-private instruction!

Private class offerings: 75-min
Single class is $95. Get two classes for $125, Three for $175!

Bring a friend (up to four participants in total) for an extra $10 each!


These classes are limited to 4 participants and are open to all levels.
Megan will provide individualized suggestions and variations for each student.

Special requests might include:

  • Spinal Decompression: You will learn how to harness the power of gravity to decompress the spine.  We will work on variations at the wall designed to gently stretch the vertical muscles of the spine and strengthen the deep muscles that crate and hold space between the vertebrae.
  • Pelvic Power: You will learn how the yoga wall can help you stretch and strengthen the pelvic floor and decrease compression in the joints of the pelvis.  We will work on variations of standing poses and hip openers.
  • Shoulder Girdle Goodness: You will learn how the yoga wall can help you create stability and openness in the shoulder girdle and decrease compression in the shoulder joints.  We will work on variations designed to reveal imbalances in the shoulder so that you know where your weaknesses or areas of tightness are and can develop a more balanced practice.